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Confirmation is a two-year process that is incorporated into Youth Sunday Faith Formation.  At the beginning of the confirmation journey, each youth will be given a study Bible to use throughout confirmation (and hopefully beyond)!  Confirmation at Peace takes place on a two-year cycle, with new students joining as they enter middle school and/or they and parents feel they are ready.  

Youth Group

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Rainbow Trail South 

Rainbow Trail South is a camp experience that is part of the ministries of Rainbow Trail Lutheran Camp. Rainbow Trail is located in the southern part of Colorado.  They know that even though it is a long way to their camp from southern New Mexico, they think you need to be able to get to camp every summer.  So they bring camp to us! Rainbow Trail is host a week of camp in July for upper elementary, junior high, and senior high youth of southern New Mexico at Aspendale Mountain Retreat Center in Cloudcroft, New Mexico. 

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